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  VA HouseDesigner          
  - the house & garden planner for everybody -          

The new version of the popular ArCon open House Designer. Now even more powerful. You can plan your house project right at the PC with the VA House Designer.

Newly included: The 3DS Import filter. The 3D object catalogue is now endlessly expandable.

Modernized interface in 3D touch.

House and floor plan assistant (with just 4 mouse clicks the house is ready)

Adjusted cost estimation, new exclusive 3D objects and textures.

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* There are a few translation mistakes in the software and the manual has not been translated yet, that is why we offer this software so cheap. Nevertheless, the "online manual" is available in English. As soon as the manual is translated properly the price will increase. This might be your only chance to get this Home Design Floor Plan maker so cheap!

Virtual Architecture - Home Design Floor Plan

Choose your product from the offers below: from VA ApartmentDesigner up to VA HouseDesigner Professional


VA - Virtual Architecture ApartmentDesigner. Click here for more information.

For everyone who wants to remodel their apartment


VA - Virtual Architecture HouseDesigner. Click here for more information.

Extensive planning and designing of your house and garden


VA - Virtual Architecture HouseDesigner Premium. Click here for more information.

Professional planning up to the building application with architectural graphical presentation


VA - Virtual Architecture HouseDesigner Professional. Click here for more information.

The most comprehensive VA version & now with the special offer

  VA - Virtual Architecture ApartmentDesigner. Click here for more information.  VA - Virtual Architecture HouseDesigner. Click here for more information.  VA - Virtual Architecture HouseDesigner Premium. Click here for more information.  VA - Virtual Architecture HouseDesigner Professional. Click here for more information.  

Virtual Architecture - house design floor plan software, home remodeling software, 3d cad software and more!

You can now plan entire buildings with several floors and complete them with simple roofs or complex roof areas. You can even include the surroundings of your house within the planning. With support tools such as landings, ceiling plates, wall and ceiling breaks as well as top and lower beams, you are able to design all facets of your building. As with ArCon, you can calculate construction costs, living areas and much more. VA HouseDesigner provides you with the tools to view your project from various angles.

VA HouseDesigner - house design floor plan

VA HouseDesigner's graphic and user friendly interface is easy to use, which means you don’t need any special CAD knowledge when using it. You will find useful information on how to use the program in the manual. To avoid unnecessary searching in the printed reference part, HouseDesigner offers additional online help. The context related information for each specific question appears immediately on the screen with a mouse click. The planning and the construction of your project will be easier and the results will appear faster.

ArCon open is now VA - Virtual Architecture.VA HouseDesigner has an incredible array of design, planning, export, and import features. The VA HouseDesigner already contains more than 3000 objects and textures from all aspects of daily life – furnishings, wall papers, flooring and so much more. Included is the exclusive WACKENHUT SCHLAFKULTUR Bedroom Sortiment.

These features are also included:

  • True to scale input
  • Various Planning and Design Options
  • Wall holes
  • Automatic stair construction
  • Automatic and free roof constructions
  • Dormer Types
  • Skylights
  • Beam cross-section
  • Complete furnishings in 2D and 3D mode
  • Terrain modeling
  • Consideration of the sun and moon positions
  • Photo realistic presentation with Ray-Tracing
  • Building/Object shadow
  • Labeling, dimensions and output
  • Foreground / Background - Bitmap
  • Cost dialogue
  • Import of DWG, HPGL und 2D DXF Files
  • Planning and construction of several buildings with different levels
  • Creation of videos as AVI files
  • Detailed room information
  • Cuts and views
  • Cuts in the design mode
  • Calculation of floor areas and volumes
  • Virtual walls
  • Export of pictures
  • Two Standard Macros for exporting

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  New name, new Software. "ArCon open" is now "VA - Virtual Architecture" (VA Software). The new generation of our products is now available!

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